The Royal way

So our hospital was able to pass the audit and the higher ups celebrated it. I am now convinced that even such grand organization can be bought. Money is everything in this mundane world. I knew how this will end up. Congratulations, Royal. You cheated your way up! Now, you have another reason to abuse your Staff Nurses!

I know I am not a qualified auditor to gauge the performance of our hospital but being in practice for almost a decade and getting employed in different hospitals, I’m sure this hospital is a big failure. Yes, this is a facade waiting to be revealed soon.

If anything, the only saving grace this institution has is the Nurses.

Judging you

I don’t know but sometimes, I feel like I am the villain of my own story. I have a tendency to make people feel uncomfortable with my presence. I know, I throw them off. Is it always wrong to voice out my unpopular opinion? ┬áIt’s funny to see them shaken. I am not nice. And I like to attack their viewpoint, once in a while. I will never allow such normalcy take place, I am the change, and I will make them feel that.


Of night shifts and eye bags

The title does not necessarily fit the premise of my entry. I think I will keep this blog for some time. I’ve owned several blogs but most of them I took down for some idiotic reason. Some, I kept private. I figure I would make this one public just for the liberty of writing and throwing shade at the world, anonymously. No one will read this anyway. I have always loved writing since I learned to write, not necessarily mean I’m good at it, but I love expressing myself through words- spoken and especially, written. I know this has become a stale way of getting the message across, especially in this day and age, but I still prefer the sincerity of writing over Vlogs, photography, dubs etc.

Again, I am writing just for the heck of it. I am just counting down the hours to finish my work which will end in about 3 hours or so. I know I’m supposed to share a piece of myself in every entry. So what’s new aside from me getting old everyday?