Judging you

I don’t know but sometimes, I feel like I am the villain of my own story. I have a tendency to make people feel uncomfortable with my presence. I know, I throw them off. Is it always wrong to voice out my unpopular opinion?  It’s funny to see them shaken. I am not nice. And I like to attack their viewpoint, once in a while. I will never allow such normalcy take place, I am the change, and I will make them feel that.



Of night shifts and eye bags

The title does not necessarily fit the premise of my entry. I think I will keep this blog for some time. I’ve owned several blogs but most of them I took down for some idiotic reason. Some, I kept private. I figure I would make this one public just for the liberty of writing and throwing shade at the world, anonymously. No one will read this anyway. I have always loved writing since I learned to write, not necessarily mean I’m good at it, but I love expressing myself through words- spoken and especially, written. I know this has become a stale way of getting the message across, especially in this day and age, but I still prefer the sincerity of writing over Vlogs, photography, dubs etc.

Again, I am writing just for the heck of it. I am just counting down the hours to finish my work which will end in about 3 hours or so. I know I’m supposed to share a piece of myself in every entry. So what’s new aside from me getting old everyday?





It’s been months since we last talked (if that was considered a ‘talk’). There was a number of exchanged messages, to which we didn’t really say much. We used to have really lively conversations, ones that I really miss every day. Our ending was bitter. You deleted your account after that ‘talk’ and eventually disappeared in my life. I thought you’d come back, as you always did. I guess, the talk quite made an impression and you left and sent me to tears, again. I asked for it. I’d never make you wholly responsible of that cause we both know what were the stakes of getting into this kind of stuff.. I guess, our difference is that I kind of took it seriously. I did. So it was probably my fault, by default. We were in a situation that both favored us the same way. It actually favored you more than me but I didn’t mind it. It just felt good until you had to leave. It broke me apart. I was left in despair and again, I was alone. Well, technically, I was not. But seeing you with your family, being happy without me, made me feel lonely. I havent seen you in such elation for a while. I wish I can give you that but I had nothing to offer you but trouble. We both were a threat to a sane and happy life.

The day I asked that we stopped talking was one of the many ‘confusing’ days I had. I didn’t want to cut off my communication with you, because however this was torturing me, it was the only way possible I can speak to you. But I had to.

In about 4 months, it will be a whole year without us talking. That’s quite a long time. You might probably have forgotten about me by then. But if you ever stumble upon this site, I just want to let you know, not that you’re asking,  that I still exist and that I am thriving just alright. I got married, too. I think I told you about that even before we stopped talking. That was the very reason I was ending this because of my plans of settling down. I’m okay with everything now. I am not happy but I am not sad too.

I don’t really know how to end this, but since this is a letter of good bye then I’m going to say my fare well. Thank you. I wish you the life you deserve with your family. Live well, Ynack.